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Hi! I'm Kristin

Who's that cute pup in the photo?
Fave morning drink?
Weirdest thing ever taken on vacation?
Where'd the name aray come from?
Something you'd teller younger you?

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Whatcha wanna Know?

That's my Lily, my sweet little old lady -- she's sixteen and has been through all the ups and down with me! We also have a pittie named Bonham who, while a madman, is almost as cute. 

Who's that cute pup in the photo?

Coconut latte because it reminds me of the beach.

Fave morning drink?

Feathers and spray paint. You mean you don't craft on vacation? I've also taken watercolor paints, jewelry supplies, and always a biz book.

Weirdest thing ever taken on vacation?

My granddaddy, whose name was Ray and who was always a ray of warm sunshine in my life (that's him in the photo with baby me). I wanted a name that would honor what I found dear about him and serve as a reminder to be a ray of light for others as he was. 

Where'd the name ARAY come from?

Oh, the things I'd tell her... the most important though: do NOT hold the opinions of others over your own. And that applies across the board, from kids at school to mean bosses to cute guys. Just do YOU, babe.

Something you'd tell younger you?

All the while my love for independent shops and creative entrepreneurs has grown and I am ever grateful to work with so many amazing ladies (and gents)! I started ARAY to help others create beautifully lasting brands and I cannot wait to work with you!

Over the years, I've made displays from fallen trees, created invitations for celebrities, and designed logos for some of my favorite brands. I nurtured my own small jewelry line, founded a market celebrating creatives, and curated two summer pop up shops.

"I help ambitious women design thoughtfully stylish brands so they glow with confidence and shine in their community."

You believe in any or all of the following: caffeine, pup snugs, live music, sunny days, bare feet, bloody marys, beach getaways, aliens, pizza, fresh flowers, GOOD DESIGN.

You tend to wear a lot of hats at work, but you've picked your favorites. You value your time and want to spend it doing the things that really light you up!

Working in and on your business legit excites you. You are grateful to do what you truly LOVE and you're ready for a hand in presenting your best brand to the world.

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