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Grow, Bebe, Grow!

Seeing YOU grow is one of my fave reasons for doing what I do! From logo design to product photography, being a part of branding your business means the world to me.

One of my earliest clients was Tierra Sol Studio. I met Seana + Yair way back in our early handmade biz days. I’m pretty sure a market rarely went by that I didn’t snag a new plant!

Since then, WHOA have they grown! Hello, BuzzFeed, Cosmopolitan, Apartment Therapy, + Martha Stewart, to a name a few… and let’s not forget VOGUE! (With a photo I shot!!!) How amazing is that?! To be clear, I’m not saying that to take any credit, but simply to shout them out because WOW! They work INCREDIBLY HARD to do what they do + it’s honestly super inspirational. I just love to see their biz growing!

AND because I so love to see those I love doing amazing things, I’ll be featuring them in my new Grow, Bebe, Grow Q+A series!

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