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Say “Cheese” — Tips for Your Photo Shoot

Okay, so I won’t actually tell you to say “cheese,” but there is some science behind the way the word forces our mouths to form a natural smile. Interesting, right?

Here are a few of my go-to tips to help maximize your shoot so you feel totally confident and not at all cheesy!

  • Plan 2-3 outfit (or top) changes so your photos won’t look like they’re from the same day.
  • Wear clothes you feel confident in and colors that complement your brand. Steer shy of small stripes or checked patterns.
  • Swap accessories or change your hair slightly to style the same top in a new way.
  • Swipe on another shade of lip gloss for a quick change.
  • Have friends that make clothes or jewelry? Wear a piece so you can tag them on social media — pulling double duty in gaining extra exposure online.
  • Pack some props. Consider items you use a lot or reference in your content, like your laptop, a fave coffee mug, coordinating notebooks, a colorful tote bag, or even your dog!
  • Work with your hands? Make sure your nails are freshly polished or polish-free for close ups that won’t make you cringe (I recently did this myself — lesson learned!).
  • Secret for a natural smile: laughter. When in doubt, giggle a little!

Curious about other dos + don’ts? Leave a comment or send me a message. I’m happy to chat details and help if I can!

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