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The Secret to Productivity

It can be hard to fully let go of work and enjoy time off, whether it be an afternoon or a week, but sometimes the secret to productivity is taking a break. And that’s not anything we should feel guilty about.

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Between our work schedules, daily life events, and the stream of content we subscribe to each day, it’s a lot for us to consume and carry around. So while we may feel like we’re being busy, we’re not actually accomplishing a whole lot. And it’s something I’ve been reading more about in The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferris. #poolsidebookclub

In the book, Tim references Pareto’s Law (aka The 80/20 Principle) which suggests and continually demonstrates that 80% of our results come from 20% of our effort and time. That’s 80% of our time and effort basically going to waste. And yet we beat ourselves up for taking a break here and there. Why not instead focus on the 20% that creates results and free up the rest of your time?

This is something I’ve been working on, even before picking up the book. Now I’m all in with head nods and “Heck yehs” as I read through. Here are my top five reasons why taking a break is actually productive:

  • Your mind and body need to rest and recharge from time to time.
  • Taking time to do other activities can spark ideas and rejuvenate the soul.
  • Getting out from behind a screen creates real and more meaningful relationships.
  • Allowing yourself to process life rather than being go-go-go creates more calm.
  • Feeling a renewed sense of motivation post-break is such a rewarding feeling.

Having just returned from a few days on the coast, of which I didn’t open my laptop even once, I am loving my flow of ideas and productivity this week. I’ll keep you posted as I put Tim’s words into action and dive deeper in my Poolside Book Club reading list. Follow along here and in my Instagram story highlights.

And tell me: when was the last time you took a guilt-free, uninterrupted break?

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