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Get Over Yourself + Out of Your Head

It’s been said (and sung) that you get what you need. Today Fate pointed to this topic and, truth be told, it’s definitely what I need. I’m going to guess you might too.

How exactly did Fate bring us here? She pointed; well, I pointed really, but this was not my doing alone. I have a list of potential email ideas I previously jotted down in my big pad of paper and, not feeling sure of what to send today, I went over and waved my hand around and pointed. Tada! Except, I kinda wanted a different topic… so I did it again. And again, there it was. So with a slight sigh, I muttered “Yeh, yeh, I know it.” Now here we are.

Currently, I’m in my head about the program I’m putting together for you and a few other things too. Thoughts as of late:

• I want it to be good enough, to help, to really make a difference. What if it doesn’t?

• Will this offer make sense with my current offers?

• Should I change platforms and condense everything?

• How can I show up differently on social to share it all?

• What will make everything so seamless and simple for my clients?

That’s a lot and that’s not even all. Oof, no way am I sharing ALL of them with you. Honestly though, you know. I don’t need to list it all out. I know you get it. Because we all do it. 

Luckily, through my coaching program and getting certified, I’ve learned how to coach myself (and clients) through these exact kind of thoughts. It doesn’t mean they don’t come up though. And that’s why I’m here with a friendly reminder for you:


You know I like to leave you with tips or prompts when I can, so here are a few questions to ponder if you’re feeling this today.

  • What if everything goes right? This one is meant to flip the script a little bit because we naturally gravitate to all that might go wrong, but try to imagine it all going so well instead!
  • What obstacles can you remove right now? If you’re holding yourself back or making excuses, look at the objections and find a way to move them. Example: If you’re putting off showing up on social because your house is a mess, go outside, film in your car, share an old clip with new text or a voice over. Remove the obstacle!
  • Who do you think is really judging you so hard? Seriously, who? No one is paying as much attention to your emails, your socials, etc. as you are. So just pretend they may not even see it and send, post, do it anyway.

Carry on the conversation on Instagram. I’d love to hear what you thought about this post + if it helped you out today! xo

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