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It’s been said (and sung) that you get what you need. Today Fate pointed to this topic and, truth be told, it’s definitely what I need. I’m going to guess you might too. How exactly did Fate bring us here? She pointed; well, I pointed really, but this was not my doing alone. I have […]



Get Over Yourself + Out of Your Head

Have I lost my mind? In short, no. But also… MAYBE?! I’m kidding, of course, but truly, had you asked me last year if I’d be starting a brand new membership program today, I’d have thought you had lost yours!  So what changed? How’d I get here? And why’d I create the BrandShine School for […]

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Introducing: BrandShine School!

In March of this year, we held our first ever Luxe event welcoming women into a full on brand shoot experience. Serena (Styled by Serena) and I put in so much work to bring this collaborative idea to life and we were so thrilled with the end results that we’re turning it into a regular […]

Helping clients get the perfect shot



Launching: New Luxe Sessions!

I recently spent a few days on Wrightsville Beach at the sweetest beach bungalow with Matt + little Isla. We ventured to a few nearby shops in Wilmington too, before heading down to Little River, South Carolina for a couple nights. While our getaway was just what we needed, I’m already excited to go back. […]



Local Love: Wilmington Shops

It can be hard to fully let go of work and enjoy time off, whether it be an afternoon or a week, but sometimes the secret to productivity is taking a break. And that’s not anything we should feel guilty about. Between our work schedules, daily life events, and the stream of content we subscribe […]

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The Secret to Productivity

If you follow along on Instagram, you know I talk a lot about vision boards + especially moodboards. This post breaks down the difference in each, when they come in handy, and why you should have both. Vision boards tend to be more about you, your big goals, what you want, where you want to […]

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Vision v. Mood

Okay, so I won’t actually tell you to say “cheese,” but there is some science behind the way the word forces our mouths to form a natural smile. Interesting, right? Here are a few of my go-to tips to help maximize your shoot so you feel totally confident and not at all cheesy! Plan 2-3 […]


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Say “Cheese” — Tips for Your Photo Shoot

Seeing YOU grow is one of my fave reasons for doing what I do! From logo design to product photography, being a part of branding your business means the world to me. One of my earliest clients was Tierra Sol Studio. I met Seana + Yair way back in our early handmade biz days. I’m pretty sure […]



Grow, Bebe, Grow!

I read an article recently that listed the #1 productivity hack as waking up at 4:30am. Well, I can tell you that won’t be me. I’m more of a late morning — even an afternoon — gal. I’ve never been a morning person and my evenings of being a night owl have waned. So if […]


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How to be Productive

“It’s hard to make friends as an adult” is something I used to hear quite a bit and, worse, I believed it. Full stop. Believing nonsense like that is exactly what makes it true. It is NOT hard to make friends as an adult. Getting out of our own heads and off our phones is […]


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How to Make Friends

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